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TESTIMONIALS- see what others are saying about their training. All the testimonials listed have the permission of the author and can be evidenced on request, here's a small snippet of feedback- 
'Best presentation ever attended' Dr Helen 'Fantastic'. Lynette 'Excellent course, delivered with enthusiasm, best course we've had'. Kim 'Two and a half hours flew by and I was interested the whole way through'.'Absolutely brilliant training session. Best Ive ever attended and Ive been to many, please come back next year'. Stephanie 'Training was wonderful'. Audrey 'Useful revision and interesting session, excellent'. Dr MH 
'Disappointed the day ended, fantastic trainer'. 
'Very helpful, straight to the point. Cut out a lot of the useless information which I have heard in the past'. 
''Very good training, in fact the best BLS session I have attended''. Lin R 
''Excellent training, information pitched at just the right level', Dr Joy M 
'Very good and interesting session' .Tracy H 
'Very relaxed & informative'. Jane w 
'Mark was very enthusiastic and informative, fantastic update', Victoria H 
'It was such a brilliant update', Zafreen I 
January 2014 
Bedford General Hospital received immediate life support training all rated the session as excellent. Keech Hospice care received training in BLS & Anaphylaxis, all rated the teaching methods and quality of presentation as excellent. 
November 2013 
Training has taken place at Bedford General Hospital (RCUK) , Kingfisher Practice in Luton, Keech Hospice in Luton, Bedford based businesses have received First Aid/AED and Oxygen Therapy training, Putnoe medical Practice & NHS walk-in centre. Over 100 people in November received training from First Aid Interventions and 99% rated their training experience as excellent, 1% rated the training as good. 
Feedback from KEECH HOSPICE CARE, KEECH HOSPICE collate feedback from there staff and forward the results- 
Date- 23/10/2013 
Organisation- Keech Hospice Care 
Training session- Anaphylaxis and Basic Life Support 
All rated the session- Excellent 
Quality of content all rated- Excellent 
Equipment used all rated- Excellent 
Teaching Methods all rated- Excellent 
Your Tutor all rated- Excellent 
Overall Rating Of Training all rated- Excellent 
Just Some of the clients who have chosen First Aid Interventions 
Bedford General Hospital 
Keech Care Hospice 
Watford Peace Hospice 
Shefford Health Centre 
Putnoe Medical Center & NHS Walk-in Centre 
Bourns Limited 
Stanley Mews Community Trust 
Star Events 
The Hawthorns Surgery 
Greensands Medical Practice 
Brookend Medical Practice 
Eaton Socan Health Centre 
Chrysallis Dental Practice 
High Street Dental 
Stantonbury Dental Practice 
Larksfield Surgery 
Kings Road Surgery 
Tuda Pharmacy 
East of England Deanery 
Kingfisher Medical Practice 
St Johns Medical Practice 
Goldington Avenue Surgery Bedford 
Abbey Dental MK 
Toddington Medical Centre 
M Doc Doctors -on- call 
Bedoc Doctors -on-call 
Goldington Avenue Surgery 
Sandy Health Centre 
Kings Road Surgery 
Priory Medical Practice 
Hanley Court 
Any Other Additional Comments: 
 'Brilliant session' 
 'Very informative' 
 'Great session' 
 'Very good session, Mark was very interactive/ I thoroughly enjoyed this session' 
' Probably the best delivery of this topic I have experienced' 
 'Tutor was very engaging and I feel quite confident again in BLS especially' 
' Very interesting session delivered in a entertaining and memorable manor' 
' Very good refresher training, trainer made it very interesting' 
Training today started at Shefford Health Centre, a superb new health centre which boast's excellent unrivalled facilities. Training in Basic Life Support and Anaphylaxis, the feedback received was excellent by all who attended, - 'Great Training best I have ever attended'. 'The best training I have ever received, cannot fault the training or the tutor'. 'Excellent'. 
This afternoon session took place at Eaton Socon Health Centre, they to enjoyed training in BLS/Anaphylaxis and also gave excellent feedback,- 'The Best CPR/Anaphylaxis training iv'e ever attended','Well structured training session'- 'Interesting and informative, made easier by the humour'.- 'Very informative'. 
All rated the session excellent, thank you to all the staff at both health centres for your interaction and for making my day worthwhile. 
Some of the feedback/comments from a Basic Life Support session from Greensands Medical Practice (Potton)-  
'Very Informative,user friendly,excellent trainer-best session we have had'. 
'Excellent presentation,best training on life saving I have attended'. 
'Excellent delivery,the best trainer we've had since I started at the practice in 2008'. 
'Best training we have ever had'. 'Very clear precise training delivered in a no nonsense way,excellent tutor'. 
'Excellent content & delivery made interesting,therefore easier to absorb, teaching methods excellent+++,tutor excellent+++'.  
Some of the Feedback/Comments from a Emergency First at Work (EFAW) Course- 'Instructor first class, great course',-'This course was excellent, brought me back up to speed with my first aid knowledge'. 'Best first aid training that I have ever had, beats Red Cross, St Johns and two other private companies'.- 'The course content was excellent and the opportunity to see many different pieces of equipment made the course exciting'. 'Well organised course, excellent course and trainer'.- Everybody on this EFAW course rated the training 10/10 excellent. The trainer 10/10 excellent. ---Thank you all so much, kind regards Mark  
From Shefford Health Centre:  
I thought it may be helpful to pass on some of the feedback I have received:- 
'The best training I have ever had, and I've done a few years of this now!' 
'Clear, concise training so much better than previous sessions I have attended' 
'Mark delivered the training at just the right level so that all staff could understand it' 
'Very informative and well presented' 
'Sessions I have attended previously have been too clinical & difficult to understand, this was spot on' 
'Two and a half hours flew by and I was interested the whole way through' 
Feedback from all of our Practice Team both Clinical and Administrative has been excellent, I would not hesitate to recommend Mark and First Aid Interventions to any of my friends and colleagues. Lynnette Brennan, Practice Manager
Some feedback from today's session, which was at a GP practice in Bedfordshire.  
'Useful revision and interesting session, excellent'. Dr H 
'Best ever training I have had in BLS, I have been nursing for 40 years, very well presented'. MC 
'Great course, made interesting & interactive using many cases encountered which I found particularly helpful'. Dr JL 
'Very useful refresher course-interspersed with good clinical senarios'. Dr C 
Training Dental Staff in Milton Keynes, (Feedback) all rated the training excellent in all categories. 
Training the staff at Shefford health centre everyone who attended the sessions completed an Evaluation & Feedback form. Every candidate rated the 5 categories set out as- 
Quality of Content- Excellent= 100% 
Equipment used- Excellent= 100% 
Teaching methods- Excellent= 100% 
Your Tutor- Excellent= 100% 
Overall rating of Training- Excellent= 100% 
Other comments include 'Very informative and helped to refresh skills'. Dr G 
'Very interesting course,made interesting by the tutor'. SB 
NHS STAFF-Training in Basic Life Support & Anaphylaxis 
''Excellent session,I loved the flexibility and atmosphere to ask questions on the fly''. Dr Emmanuel O. 'Very good training, in fact the best BLS session I have attended''. Lin R 
''Very good teacher. I will definitely remember what was taught''. Jane M. ''Very well presented training session,delivered in a way that will be memorable''. Sally - Ann 
''Explained in a way that would immediately come to mind in an emergency situation that would make me attempt CPR rather than ignore it''. Linda W 
Hertfordshire GP Practice 
''On behalf of all the staff and clinicians that attended the course on Tuesday, I would like to pass on our thanks. We all gained a huge amount of knowledge and insight from your training and this has given us confidence!! 
A Bedford Dental Practice received training in adult & paediatric bls and anaphylaxis. 
'A very good training session. I found it very educational and easy to understand'. Megan H. 'Very informative and delivered in such a way that key points were remembered'. Aftab H 
'Excellent, it was very useful'.Edita D. 'A very well presented & explained session. Best I have experienced. Joanne C. 'Training was wonderful'. Audrey B 
'Excellent presentation'. Monika p. 'Very interesting'. Nikhil P 
BLS/Anaphylaxis training at The Hawthorns Surgery Lower Stondon Beds. 
'Best presentation ever attended' Dr H 
'Excellent presentation'. Dr M 
'Very Informative'. Mary R 
'Very Informative and up-to-date'. Rhona S 
All those who attended this session rated the training,tutor and equipment used as excellent. 
A snippet of Feedback from todays training session at Keech Hospice Care.. 
'Absolutely brilliant training session. Best Ive ever attended and Ive been to many, please come back next year'. Stephanie a 
'Excellent tutor with full knowledge of the subject'. Julia w 
'Enjoyable session'.Nichola s 
'Interesting training delivered fantastically well'. Francesca g 
'Found the session enjoyable-very knowledgeable and experienced trainer'. Helen c 
'Excellent learning session-Tutor very easy to listen too-excellent equipment and demonstrations'. Margaret LS 
'Good to have a trainer who has experienced the scenario's and has a really good sense of humour. Really informative and held every ones attention'. Lorraine m 
The information which was given throughout the training was excellent'. Fay w 
'Excellent course, delivered with enthusiasm, best course we've had'. Kim b 
'Based at the right level, excellent session'. Shirley G 
'Very interesting, it has been very informative on both sessions and has increased my knowledge on both'. Wendy f 
Thank you all so much. 
NHS staff Cannulation Refresher Training 
'Theory and practical session, excellent'. Margaret H. 'Very helpful and patient with me, an excellent teacher'. Linda W. 
Thank you to Tuda Pharmacy and the staff who received training from us, here is what they had to say about the training they received, 
'Mark was such a great trainer in what he has taught us this evening. Really gave me confidence in what to do if a emergency happened'. Joanne H. 
'Excellent training with information at just the right level for our purpose'. Janette H 
'I found the evening very interesting and has given me updated knowledge. I now feel confident that should I be involved in an incident requiring CPR, I would be able to contribute positively and not stand back'. Elizabeth J. 'Learnt a lot very easily and would feel confident to use the skills'. S.Haslett 'Learnt a lot ,well presented'. Dawn J. 
Just back from delivering a training session at Keech Hospice, here is just some of the feedback 
'Mark was very enthusiastic and informative, fantastic update', Victoria H 'It was such a brilliant update', Zafreen I. 'Excellent training, information pitched at just the right level', Dr Joy M. 'Excellent informative presentation', Gill P.' Well presented and detailed information easy to follow, excellent equipment used', Chris W 
Mark was clear and effective, I feel up to date and confident', Nikki K. 'The tutor was very good and informative, I enjoyed his teaching', Valerie J 
'Very good training session, excellent'. Pam C. Brilliant manikins,teaching methods excellent, tutor excellent, quality. 
High Street dental practice received training in Basic life support and Anaphylaxis, this is some of their feedback comments- ' 
''Fantastic'. Lynette S. 'Very informative & helpful'. Donna P. 'Very Good''. Dr Ravi K. 'Was interesting, interactive, I rate the training EXCELLENT. Bethany J. 'Very Good'. Dr Prabha A Excellent tutor, excellent content, Cherise h.. Good equipment, Excellent training very good. Sandhya D. 
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